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    cheap soccer jerseys replica The first car is one of the most memorable purchases of a lifetime. For teens, it offers independence and tangible confirmation that they are driving headlong into adulthood. In a word, a first car is freedom.

    It's exciting for parents, too, especially before the black abyss of tuition payments. But it is a complex consideration fraught with the safety concerns of the driver and financial obligations of the backer.

    The cheap soccer jerseys replica time-honored tradition of passing along the family truckster is still alive and well, but with the proliferation of advanced safety features and the reality of our hyperconnected technological culture, the Olds Cutlass Supreme with the bench seats and the tape deck (my first legacy car) may not make much sense..

    2017-2018 Arsenal Polo Jersey Black/Red - cheap soccer jerseys replica Cost is a big issue for parents when they're looking for a teen, said Russ Rader, spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). But spending a little more will get a vehicle that has the characteristics that will protect a teen if a crash happens.

    Side curtain air bags: The number of air bags that come standard in cars has increased in the past decade, from the two front air bags to upward of 10 in places such as the seat belt or under the dash for cheap soccer jerseys replica knees, The most important development has been side impact or curtain air bags, which protect the head and chest area in the event of crashes from the side..

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