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Dragon Valley: Rise of Corundia

Players: 2-4 | Ages: 13+ | Duration: 30 Minutes per player
Dragon Valley Rulebook | Product Page

View on Board Game Geek
Miami Dice - Dice Tower Video Review of Dragon Valley
Session Impressions: Dragon Valley
Game Gab: Dragon Valley and Diamond K Games

Where to Purchase:
Order at your Favorite Local Game Store (FLGS) or Direct from Diamond K Games through Shop.GameSalute.com (Click the Buy Now button on the left)

Field Hospital

Field Hospital

Players: 2-5 | Ages: 12+ | Duration: 60 Minutes Field Hospital Rulebook | Product Page

View on Board Game Geek
Dice Tower Review
theSpiel.net - 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide - At the 1 hour 2 minute mark

Where to Purchase: The Game Crafter

Wanna Go Drinking

Wanna Go Drinking

Players: 3-8 | Ages: 21+ | Duration: 45 Minutes

Product Info:

View on Board Game Geek (Only Wanna Hang Out?)

Where to Purchase:
The Game Crafter

Let us know if you are interested in becoming an official play-tester or reviewer for upcoming DKG titles!

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